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Digital Smile Designharnesses cutting-edge technology to elevate dental excellence and precision, catering to each patient’s unique dental needs. As an active participant in your treatment, you collaborate in co-designing your new smile, effectively communicating your desires to our dental experts.

Utilizing advanced CEREC technology, our dentists thoroughly analyze the proportions of your teeth and face, shaping the entire treatment plan. Through videos, images, and temporary models, we delve into the intricate relationship among lips, gums, and teeth, crafting the optimal design for your perfect smile.

Digital Dentistry & Smile Design Process:

  1. Counseling and Treatment Plan: At the initial consultation, we discuss your preferences and assess your current dental state. Drawings are transformed into a treatment plan, offering insights into the procedure and associated costs. This session fosters a better understanding between you and the dentist.
  2. Digital Capture: High-quality photos and videos are captured from various angles to create a detailed and accurate digital smile design. This captures your smile in both motion and static postures, providing crucial information for the design process. CEREC technology plays a pivotal role in this phase.
  3. Digital Smile Design and Patient Review: The final design is converted into a wax model and a replica (mockup), allowing you to visualize the anticipated results. At this stage, you can provide feedback and make revisions until the design aligns with your expectations.
  4. Processing: Once the design is approved, treatment commences. The type of treatment varies for each patient, with the digital smile design guiding the process. Specialists execute their respective roles, ensuring that the agreed-upon design translates into the final treatment results.

Your journey with us ensures that every step is taken with your informed consent, placing your vision of the perfect smile at the forefront of the entire process.

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