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Say goodbye to those awkward, toothless days !

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Say goodbye to those awkward, toothless days after dental implant surgery! Thanks to amazing technological advancements, you no longer need to endure long waiting periods or hassle with removable dentures. Embrace the future with a quick transformation! Witness the magic of having a dazzling Hybrid Prosthesis securely screwed onto your implants just one day after surgery, welcoming the new, confident version of yourself!


But how is it done?

1.We kick off with a post-surgical implant scan using cutting-edge Imetric measurement technology, adding a touch of futuristic flair to the process!

Advantages of Imetric measurement and implant procedure:

-Boosts efficiency in the multi-implant restoration impression process, saving time for both patients and dental professionals.

-Ensures a perfect fit every time.

-Prioritizes patient comfort by avoiding extreme mouth positions during measurements.

– Guarantees flawless implant positioning, regardless of the operator, and is easy to handle and disinfect.

2.After the digital measurements, we hand over the task to our lab, where the enchantment begins! Within just one day, the Hybrid Prostheses will be securely fixed in your mouth. Witness the magic unfold!

In this picture, Mali, a patient at Aesthetical Clinic, proudly showcases her new set of teeth achieved through the innovative Imetric technology.

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    So, what exactly is the Hybrid Prosthesis?

    A Hybrid Prosthesis, also known as a Hybrid Denture, is a groundbreaking dental prosthesis that seamlessly combines elements of fixed dental bridges and removable dentures. Engineered to provide a stable and durable solution for individuals facing extensive tooth loss, it offers:

    -Fixed and stable support

    -Implant-supported structure

    -Natural-looking aesthetic

    -Full arch replacement

    -Minimal maintenance

    -Improved chewing function

    -Preservation of bone density

    -Customization options

    Hybrid Prostheses are an excellent option for those seeking a long-term, stable, and natural-looking solution for tooth loss. The treatment process typically involves a comprehensive evaluation, implant placement surgery, and the fabrication of a custom prosthesis.

    In this picture: Hybrid Prosthesis 

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    What’s included in the treatment package through Aesthetical?

    -Accommodation in a luxurious hotel with a complimentary breakfast in an open buffet.

    -VIP transfers between the airport, hotel, and the hospital.

    -Option for a guided tour of local markets and restaurants, providing a vacation-like experience abroad!

    -On-site translation services to English during the stay in Turkey, including at the clinic with the specialists.

    -Professional support available 24/7 after the treatment – even upon returning to your country, full assistance and guidance are provided.

    -A remarkable 20-year warranty on the treatment with the option for supplementary care if needed in local clinics.*

    -Option for comprehensive insurance coverage: travel insurance, and health insurance in Turkey.

    -Aftercare package for post-treatment dental care and maintaining the results over time.

    In this picture: luxurious Aesthetical Clinic

    Experience the future of dental implants with Aesthetical’s cutting-edge technology and comprehensive care package, ensuring a confident and worry-free smile for years to come!

    To learn more about dental treatments in Turkey, leave your details, and a representative from Aestheticl will get back to you


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