Explore The City That is Transforming Smiles at 80% Lower Cost

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Discover the budget-friendly city that captivated people worldwide with dental treatments , offered at an astonishing 50%-80% lower prices compared to renowned experts globally

In the world we live in today, it’s not just about the “Instagram generation”; everyone wants to enhance what makes them unique—their smile. Whether it’s achieving a perfect teeth whitening, getting dental veneers, or going for a complete smile makeover with implants, aesthetic dental treatments have become a popular choice, even though they can be quite a financial commitment. We set out on a journey to discover how to attain a beautiful smile without sacrificing treatment quality and stumbled upon an underground network that everyone should know about to transform their smiles affordably.

“Can you believe it? I just checked how much it would cost for some cosmetic dental work, and all the quotes I got were like £40,000 to £60,000 shekels per treatment!” shares Eitan (41) . “Now I get why people take out loans, dip into their savings, or even tap into their pension funds just to fix their smiles. But then, they can’t even flash a grin properly afterward…”

Having wonky, yellow, broken, or uneven teeth can seriously mess with how you look on the outside. Our smile is something everyone notices right away, not to mention that a nice set of pearly white teeth usually means good oral health, keeping issues like cavities and gum problems at bay.

People let their teeth go because they just can’t drop big bucks on things like whitening, veneers, or dental implants” explains Assaf Eliasi, the co owner of Aestheticl , and guess what, it’s all done by top-notch experts globally.

“It’s a story that starts with young folks whose confidence takes a hit because of a less-than-stellar smile. They can barely crack a smile in public. And then you’ve got older folks losing teeth, along with their zest for life – but none of them can swing the cost of dental treatments. So the neglect continues, and it comes with a constant feeling of insecurity and a seriously low self-esteem.”

In the photo: Eitan’s transformation with before-and-after shots of his All-on-6 dental implant procedure.

But it’s well-known that dental treatments can be pricey, and for those who can’t afford it, what else can be done except for enduring the discomfort?

So, today, anything that’s expensive in the country can be obtained abroad without compromising on quality and at a much lower cost. You can see this perfectly in the world of tourism, for instance. Give a call to a standard hotel in the country and try to book a vacation, even with a coupon and a discount – a weekend for a couple plus two won’t cost you less than £ 300 in the best-case scenario.

Meanwhile, for £ 300 , you can get an all-inclusive vacation in a 5-star hotel in Turkey, with three chef-prepared meals a day, two pools, a private beach, and a Turkish massage of your choice. Tourism there is cheaper yet still high-quality, and today, people flock to vacation in Turkey because there’s no reason to justify the hotel prices back home.

Now, think about it: why not do the same with dental treatments that cost tens and hundreds of thousands of GBP in the country? If you can get a vacation so cheap and still of higher quality than here, why would healthcare be any different?


It’s incomparable; there’s nothing like healthcare in England. Who knows what kind of ‘expert’ would handle me there?!


So, let me surprise you. It might be a less familiar field than tourism, but Turkey is a global stronghold of aesthetic medicine. Specialists from all over the world specifically come to Turkey, not just for dental treatments, by the way, but also for hair transplants, plastic surgery , botox and fillers – any aesthetic aspect you can think of, has leading experts in Turkey.

And why is that? Because it’s a country that dedicates tourism based on medical aesthetics. Celebrities and business people from around the world come to Turkey to undergo any possible treatment that can cost them a million GBP.

And the quality is not inferior, on the contrary! Not only have the experts studied and been certified internationally  – but in Turkey, they receive so many patients from all over the world, giving them experience that is unparalleled anywhere else. Let’s say in dentistry, they have seen all the health conditions and all the types, so they know how to achieve a perfect result for everyone…

To learn more about dental treatments in Turkey, leave your details, and a representative from Aestheticl will get back to you

    So, in Turkey, if they’re so advanced, specialized, and high-quality, can you explain to me why it’s actually so affordable? What’s the catch?


    There is no catch, just simple logic: In the country, you have taxes and a high cost of living, so specialized doctors need to charge a lot more for medical treatments, according to the high demand.

    In Turkey, on the other hand, you have specialists who can live comfortably without demanding exorbitant amounts – and with a much wider supply, competition kicks in.

    Not only that, because Turkey heavily relies on medical tourism, it actively promotes and makes the field accessible to tourists.

    One last point, the currency differences between Turkey and other countries allow you to get the best medical treatments at floor prices, or at least – not at the inflated prices you find here.

    So, in Turkey, it’s not really considered that cheap, but from our perspective and compared to what’s available in the country, it’s laughably affordable for the perfect results you get.

    It comes to a point where instead of paying £ 40.000-60.000, you can get a complete makeover for just £4.000 , receiving entirely new and upgraded smile ‘Hollywood Smile’ – that’s dazzling zirconia coatings in a bright white shade, Hollywood actor-level quality.”

    In the photo: Mali’s transformation with before-and-after shots of her All-on-4 dental implant procedure.

    Wow, £4,000 instead of £40,000 is truly mind-blowing! Did people actually used to pay that much?


    Absolutely, and you know what? It’s understandable. Honestly, today, appearance is everything. It’s your self-image, it’s your confidence in front of others. Every time you open your mouth to speak, smile for the camera, even if others don’t notice imperfections in your teeth – you know they’re there, and it eats at you from the inside.

    But leaving aside external appearance, there’s also a strong element of dental health here. Decayed or broken teeth can be an entry point for gum inflammations, cavities, and whatnot. In the past, they used to extract decayed teeth, but today there are many less invasive solutions – like polishing the damaged part of the tooth and applying a fillings, or crowns that fit onto existing teeth.


    In the photo: Orlan’s transformation with before-and-after shots of her Hollywood smile 

    All these dental technologies, along with experts who can perform them perfectly, can be found in Turkey. It’s suitable for those who simply want dental implants and for those who really want a complete transformation of their smile, getting veneers for straight and uniform teeth.

    Anything you want to do with your teeth – you can find it in Turkey, with a variety of world-leading specialists and prices that are 50%-70% less than any price quote you’ll get here in the country. And with service standards that are simply unparalleled .

    So, are you saying I need to book a flight to Turkey and start searching for dental clinics myself?

    So, what you’re saying is that I have to arrange my own flight to Turkey and start looking for dental clinics? In principle, yes, but there are those who can take care of all this for you and ensure you receive the best treatment from the leading specialists. There are millions of dental clinics in Turkey, so now is the time to find out what each one can offer you and where you can get quality treatment with the most ‘extras.’

    For example, through Aesthetical, you can get a package including teeth implants, veneers, and a ‘Hollywood Smile’ at a ridiculously low price of £4.000 for the entire mouth! And that includes various treatment and care kits provided by our clinic to maintain the results for another two or three years.

    In other countries, not only will you pay a fortune (and I’ve seen people who had to borrow money from their children for dental treatments, which is truly sad), but you’ll also likely receive indifferent treatment at best and be disregarded at worst. They will swipe your credit card and won’t give you a second glance after the treatment is over.

    The level of service in Turkey is something you won’t find elsewhere, especially not in the field of dental treatments

    To learn more about dental treatments in Turkey, leave your details, and a representative from Aestheticl will get back to you

      Sure, the service in England is not that great, but Turkey is far away. What if problems arise later, who do I turn to?


      Excellent question. One of the things that scares people from traveling to Turkey for dental treatments, even when they know they can get much better quality and prices, is this concern. Turkey is still a foreign country, where Turkish is the spoken language, and not everyone speaks English either.

      So, the legitimate fear is, I’ll go there, and what will happen? Or what if I’m not satisfied with the results? Or what if there are any issues, what am I supposed to do? When everything in your area, you know who to turn to, you can even sue the dentist if needed. But in Turkey – how does it work?

      That’s exactly why you have Aesthetical representative who takes care of all the arrangements in advance, even before finalizing the deal with our clinic, and also well after. He is there to answer all your questions, be in direct contact with you, and mediate between you and the dentists in Turkey. He takes care of everything during the process, without going outside the norm.

      But what if I get dental veneers, and after a few years, a tooth falls out? Will I have to fly abroad again? Excellent question. So first of all, you have a 100% warranty for the treatment. For Hollywood Smile and Veneers, for example, you have a 5-year warranty. For implants, lifetime warranty.

      So, what do you do to fulfill the warranty? There was someone who had Hollywood Smile, and after 5 years, one of his crowns fell off. He immediately contacted Aesthetical medical consultant when it happened, and they arranged a reattachment of the crown with one of the clinics we work with in collaboration .

      You are covered from every aspects with us; you won’t have to fly again just for one fallen crown – unless you want to and it’s something else. Many who traveled once enjoyed it so much and felt they benefited so much that they decided to fly again and, along the way, do more aesthetic treatments like Botox injections, fillers for lips,  liposuction, mommy makeover, and more!

      In the photo: before and after plastic surgery transformation for arm lift, BBL, breast lift, rhinoplasty, gastric sleeve, mommy makeover

      But, in the end, when you return home, you have a representative  to turn to with any issue, and there’s a 100% guarantee and solution for every need. The achieved result will be preserved perfectly without any complications.

      Sounds good, right? So, what do I need to do to get aesthetic and surgical dental treatment in Turkey through you?

      The best way is to get in touch with us so that a representative from Aesthetical can contact you for initial clarification. Initially, we’ll conduct a hybrid consultation to assess the condition of your teeth and determine which treatments you’d like to receive. Only then can we tailor the deal for you in Turkey and schedule how many days need to be organized.

      Surgical dental treatments vary and can take two visit, first visit 4 days and second visit 6 days, depending on the specific plan. For example, Hollywood Smile veneers may take up to 6 days, during which measurements are taken, teeth are shaped, and veneers are fitted. It’s also possible to complete everything within 4 days for a brand new smile, but it necessarily depends on the initial condition of your teeth.

      The deal we’ll close for you in Turkey, beyond the chosen aesthetic or surgical treatment, includes accommodation in luxury hotels for the entire period, including meals, VIP transportation between the airport, hotel, and hospital,  and professional support 24/7 from Aesthetical representatives.

      Believe me, when you start discovering the world of aesthetic medicine in Turkey, you realize how many things you hesitated to do in the past due to the fear of high costs suddenly become accessible. It creates a different quality of life where you look and feel like a million dollars, having paid 70% less for it.”

      To learn more about aesthetic dental treatments in Turkey, leave your details, and a representative from Aestheticl will get back to you.

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