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What Is an Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow hair loss, a common issue akin to hair loss, prompts the need for non-surgical solutions. A natural eyebrow transplant aims to enhance the density of sparse or completely lost eyebrows. This cosmetic procedure involves transferring follicles from the donor area (typically the back of the scalp) to seamlessly replace missing eyebrow follicles, harmonizing with the face’s natural contours.

Eyebrow Transplant Techniques

Eyebrow transplantation closely parallels hair transplantation techniques, with a focus on current fashion trends. The primary techniques include DHI and FUE, with the DHI Technique emerging as the latest technology for natural eyebrow transplants. Utilizing Choi Pens, this technique ensures the required density and direction for the eyebrow area.

1.DHI Technique: This cutting-edge technique employs Choi Pens to transplant follicles effectively, providing the necessary density and direction for the eyebrow area.

Suitable Candidates

Eyebrow transplants cater to both genders and are ideal for individuals who:

1.Are over 18 years old.

2.Experience thinning or falling eyebrows.

3.Suffer from complete eyebrow loss.

4.Seek cosmetic enhancements, such as adjusting eyebrow shape or increasing density.


Pre-Operative Tips

Candidates must adhere to specific instructions to avoid side effects and achieve optimal results:

1.Avoid blood thinners, including green tea or multivitamins, containing vitamins A and E.

2.Refrain from smoking for a month to support healthy follicle growth.

3.Avoid stimulants for at least two weeks before the procedure.

4.Maintain a balanced diet to prevent complications during the procedure.

5.Abstain from medications with blood-thinning properties.


Stages Of Eyebrow Transplant

A natural eyebrow transplant involves four key steps:

1.Clinical Examination: The doctor assesses the eyebrows, determining the required number of follicles for transplantation (typically ranging from 50 to 350). The donor hair is also examined to identify suitable follicles.

2.Necessary Tests: Mandatory tests, including skin and blood tests, ensure the patient’s suitability for the procedure by assessing blood sugar levels and potential impacts on the transplantation process.

3.Picking Out The Follicles: Part of the donor area is shaved to facilitate picking, with micromotors selecting follicles containing only one hair.

4.Eyebrow Transplantation: Using Choi Pens, the doctor simultaneously implants follicles as channels are opened with a single click. The depth and angle of implantation suit the natural shape of the eyebrows, ensuring high intensity.


Post-Operative Tips

Post-transplant care instructions are crucial for optimal results:

1.Avoid washing the procedure area for 72 hours.

2.Refrain from smoking for at least two months to support oxygen levels necessary for follicle growth.

3.Minimize exposure to sunlight, heat, and high humidity for a month, wearing a medical cap outside.

4.Maintain a head position parallel to the ground for at least three days.

5.Adhere to prescribed medications and painkillers.

6.Avoid Turkish baths and saunas for a month.

7.Sleep vertically using two medical pillows for five days to prevent swelling.

8.Protect from rain or dust to prevent harm to the follicles.

9.Refrain from swimming in the sea for three months and in the pool for two months.

1o.Handle clothes with care to avoid contact with implanted follicles.

11.Follow specific treatments recommended after the transplant, including Plasma needles (PRP) with appropriate medical serums containing vitamins.

An eyebrow transplant offers a lasting solution to hair loss or thinning, achieving excellent, natural-looking results. Choosing a qualified clinic and expert doctor is paramount for a successful procedure.

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Frequently Asked


The cost varies based on clinic location, surgeon experience, and the number of follicles. Generally, it ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 or more.

It's a cosmetic procedure involving transplanting hair follicles from the scalp to the eyebrow area for fuller, thicker eyebrows.

Yes, they produce permanent results, utilizing the patient's own scalp follicles, which continue to grow naturally.

Yes, using follicles from the patient's own scalp can effectively restore or enhance thin or patchy eyebrows.

It involves harvesting follicles from the scalp and transplanting them into the eyebrow area, creating a natural-looking shape and density.

 Yes, they continue to grow, requiring regular trimming. Growth rate varies based on factors such as age, genetics, and medical conditions.